Tutor 5:Withdrawing Your Earning

Total Earning

Seller could view his total earning from withdraw page.


Payment Settings

Vendor can set his comfortable payment method for the store. For bank transfers, just add bank account name, account number, name of the bank, address and finally swift code. Now, save the settings by clicking Update Settings button.

dokan vendor payment settings

Withdraw Methods

Seller could select his comfortable withdrawal method from drop-down box in withdraw page.


Minimum Limit

Seller must have minimum limit to make a withdraw request. Putrimall has set NO minimum balance for seller to make a withdrawal request. The Orders shall be completed (Shipping completed) for the Seller to make withdrawal.

Withdraw Approve Notification

Seller will get e-mail notification when his withdraw request gets approved by the admin. To make a success withdrawal, Putrimall encourage every seller/vendor to get their process verified by providing the information such as IC Photo, Company where you can find it in a Seller Dashboard -> Setting -> Verification


Creating Income / Withdraw Statements


From your seller dashboard, you can generate different handy reports for your Dokan store. They help you in critical moments and also to understand the status of your store. Navigate to- Seller Dashboard → Reports → Statements


You can select the time period for your statement by clicking on the From and To. Select your preferred date and click Show button. It will generate a statement of your income and withdraw amounts during that period.

You can also export this statement by clicking on the Export All button. It will create a CSV file for you.

The reported statement clearly indicates the Dates, Order ID, Type (Opening Balance, Withdraw or Order), Sales amount, Earned amount and final Balance.


Vendor/Seller Commission

Vendor/Seller commission is fixed at 94%.

Should the total sales of Vendor is RM300. The earnings of withdrawal shall be calculated as follows:-

Total Sales X 94% = Total Withdrawal

RM300 X 94% = RM282.00 (Direct to Seller/Vendors)

The total earnings of Seller/Vendors shall be published in the Dashboard

Seller Dashboard

You can find an overview of your store, page view, orders, earnings, reviews and products. There is also an announcement section. It displays all the latest notice or announcement from admin.

Seller Dashboard gives you an overall summary of your store and activities. From this dashboard you can easily manage you stores and also get quick insights. Besides that it will provide suggestions on how to make your store more appealing to your customers.

dokan seller dashboard

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